Don’t forget para Windows Mobile 2005 Smartphone edition

Don't forget es una aplicación freeware para Windows Mobile 5 (el screenshot que veis es de mi SPV C600 🙂 ) muy útil que avisa con recurrencia de llamadas, mensajes y emails que no has visto (si no te diste cuenta de cuando vibró/sonó tu teléfono). Altamente configurable (tiene muchas opciones y puedes hasta escoger sonidos para los avisos), ligero y gratuito merece la pena tenerlo entre los programas básicos (suple una carencia básica de los teléfonos smartphone con wm5, que no repiten hasta la saciedad que te ha llegado algo del mundo exterior jeje).

Para descargarlo, click aquí 🙂


~ por Admin en mayo 15, 2006.

4 comentarios to “Don’t forget para Windows Mobile 2005 Smartphone edition”

  1. Can I install Windows Mobile 2005 Smartphone edition in my Motorola MPX220 ?

  2. Of course you can. You just need to find a suitable rom image to flash your phone, flash it, and you’re done. I know nothing about Motorola phones, so I guess I can’t be of any more help, but there are loads of forums where you will find the information you need to change the OS version of your smartphone (and some info on finding the right rom for your device, the only drawback is that doing so you’re putting an end to the warranty of your smartphone, but, if warranty time is over, give Windows Mobile 2005 a try 😉 ).
    Is it a QVGA device? (talking about screen resolution here) has your smartphone a processor running over 100mhz? if so, Windows Mobile is your best bet, would I say. If it is not… you will have trouble installing some apps on your smartphone (they are just not conceived for small resolutions) even if the system runs smooth. Anyway it should’nt be a big deal, I am using some apps conceived for devices with small screen resolutions running on WM2002 and WM2003, and I have no problem with most of the apps.
    Up to you buddy, if I were you I would install Windows Mobile 2005, give it a try, and if it didn’t convince me, I would just roll back to Windows Mobile 2003 (I happen to know some people that did that with Orange SPV C500 phones, which are not QVGA devices).

    Could you tell us what you finally did? in case you installed Windows Mobile 2005 it would be interesting if you told us about your experience, and if you are interested on making a step-by-step tutorial and you don’t have a site where you can publish it, I would be glad to host it 🙂

  3. Well, googled for 1 minute and found a website that might interest you: There you even have links to download the rom and the software used to upload it to your phone (despite address of the website, they have the stuff needed for mpx 220, not only for mpx 200). Hope it helps

  4. I keep getting this screen on my smartphone:

    When I get it the LED will blink and I have to restart Don’tForget to get the LED to stop, but a little while later the above screen comes on again and I have to restart the program.

    Any suggestion?


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